<![CDATA[IIT Greek Council - Blog]]>Sat, 28 Nov 2015 02:31:58 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[New Executive Board´╗┐]]>Thu, 19 Nov 2015 18:07:26 GMThttp://iitgreekcouncil.weebly.com/blog/new-executive-boardElection were held last night (Wednesday night) for our new executive board and 3 open chair positions. We wish to congratulate the following members of our Greek community who have stepped up to serve on the 2016 Greek Council Board.
​President - April Wanagas, KΦΔ
VP of Programming - Sabrina DeGenova, AΣA
VP of Recruitment - Ryan Siddall, AΣΦ
VP of Operations - Ben Frank, πKΦ
VP of Education - Anna Chorazyczewski, AΣA
VP of Philanthropy - Christian Jones, KΦΔ
Social Chair - Talia Knapp, AΣA
Greek Week - Brad Jones, ΦKΣ
Sports Chair - Richard Stubing, AΣΦ
Judicial Risk Management - Matt Grynevich, ΔTΔ
SGA Senator - Ricky Stevenson, ΦKΣ
Public Relations Chair - Nominations are open, Elections on December 2!
We look forward to what this new board will bring to our community.

Also, don't forget we have a FREE Roller Skating event this Sunday at Herman Hall Expo from 8pm-12am. Come socialize and skate. It's sure to be a good time!

Then, come to our next meeting on Wednesday, December 2nd to vote on the Public Relations Chair and attend the last meeting of the semester. Hope to see you there. 
<![CDATA[´╗┐Feeling Philanthropic]]>Wed, 07 Oct 2015 16:50:23 GMThttp://iitgreekcouncil.weebly.com/blog/feeling-philanthropic
Fall is finally here and with it so have an overwhelming number of events. We closed out September with Hazing Prevention week and New Member Academy. To the right are the banners Alpha Sigma Alpha, Delta Tau Delta, and Kappa Phi Delta created in support of hazing prevention. 

We kicked off October with an All Sorority Social where the girls had a tailgate before attending the Red Out Volleyball game in support of IIT Athletics, Hawks Nest, and the girls on the team who are members of the greek community. 

​These past few weeks, it seems that philanthropy is on everyone's minds and what better way to support our philanthropies than through fun fundraising activities such as ASA's newly annual Lip Sync Battle, the Pi Kaps Pie a Pi Kap Event or Kappa's annual Paint IIT Pink campaign?
​Thanks to those who competed in and came out to support Lip Sync Battle on October 4th. The Greek Community was well represented by teams from the Pi Kaps, Triangle, the Delts, and the Skulls. Because of your continued support, ASA raised over $560 for the S. June Smith Center. Pictured below are the first (-Sync), second (Darude - Sandstorm), and third (Kamdars) place teams with the ASA philanthropy chair, Morgan Fogarty. 
​​Kappa's Paint IIT Pink campaign starts today with t-shirt sales on the bridge from 12 pm - 3 pm. The official day of the event is October 20th and this year they're going all out with pink shirts, pink decorations, and even pink food! All proceeds from this event will go towards the Lynn Sage Foundation.
Stay tuned for more information as Greek Values Week is rapidly approaching. This week will be packed with fun events that embody the Greek Community so this is a great opportunity to see what it truly means to be a Greek. It starts with Greek Formal on October 23rd and continues until the following Friday. We hope to see you there!
<![CDATA[Congratulations and Welcome!]]>Tue, 06 Oct 2015 15:16:47 GMThttp://iitgreekcouncil.weebly.com/blog/congratulations-and-welcomeAfter a couple of exciting Fall Recruitment weeks, New Member Academy, and the start of Greek Football, Greek Council and the Greek Community as a whole would love to extend a welcome to these new members:
Delta Tau Delta
Tyler Haage
Poshak Saran Gurumoorthy
Ian Achong
John Hirsch
Joseph Dixon
Gustavo Cartagena
Juan Azuero
Sayeed Mohammed
Syed Sufyan Sher
Tristan Penepacker
Kenny Arini
Joseph Yassin
No group photo available:
Omega Delta
Jose Sosa
Brendon Kepple
Daniel Maya-Chavez
Marco Herrera

Phi Kappa Sigma
Efthemious Atsaloglu
Alla Ayach
Devanshu Bharel
Alvah Bickner
Gianna Carvajal
Matt Flavin
Graham Gier
Paul Hoffman
Ben Jenson 
Max Laine
Haosheng Li
Alex Nicoara 
Daksh Patel
Calin Seganchianu
Poalo Ratti Tamayo 
Devin Tingle
Tom Wolff

Alpha Sigma Phi
Murat Ozmestci
Richard Hill
Alec Buchanan
Mitchell Gonsch
Joey Barba
Nate Andersen
Mike Nguyen
Garrick Ketelhut

Zeta Pi Omega
They welcomed several new members whose names will be posted as soon as they are provided. 

Kappa Phi Delta
Caitlyn Brunner
Abha Dalmia
Alyssa Miner
Eliza Priest
Ellora Lim
Gwen Sword
Madina Tahmas
Melisa Alkan
Montse Dominguez
Paige Grons
Paulina Pys
Rachel Wiesbrock
Rochea Morley
Trixie Weiner
Yvonne Kim
Alpha Sigma Alpha
Brianna Galvan
Elly Shin
Grace Wischmeyer
Jackie Baranski
Jennifer Coelho
Jennifer Hernandez
Kelly Wu
Maria Ortega
Sarah Hamilton
Sydney Lamerand
Sydney McNamar
Talia Knapp
Yesenia Alarcon
Clarissa Perez
Tenzin Choeying
Odette Alaniz
Morgan Walker
Sarah Minhua Xu
Pi Kappa Phi
Waleed Abedin
Antwan Ahmed
Jelani Canty
Esau Chavez
Debo Isola
Jash Kamdar
Paulo Kodaira
Mikey Milici
Tung Nguyen
Matthew Schindler
Eric Schuette
Jarett Suazo
Ricky Tobey
Ismail Umar
Hasani Valdez
Sunny Yang
Rafuil Zareef

Brayan Abreu-Gomez
Cameron Crosley
Brad Davis
Austin Fischer
Akhil John
Matthew Jones
Brendan Kerrigan
Peter Mongillo
Connor Mullane
Matthew Peters
David Polzin
Tyler Schoell
David Tang
Joshua Wolf
<![CDATA[Recruitment Week Has Begun!]]>Sun, 23 Aug 2015 16:09:37 GMThttp://iitgreekcouncil.weebly.com/blog/recruitment-week-has-begun
Welcome to Recruitment Week everyone! Hope you all enjoyed Taste of the Quad last night because I know I did (I may have over indulged on the free ribs, steak, chocolate, etc.)

Now it's time for all of the individual chapter events and man do we have a ton for you to pick from. There are over 44 events going on this week, some still being added to the total count. And I highly encourage you to go to as many as possible.

But as I'm encouraging you to go to all of these events I wanted to take the time to remind everyone what this - recruitment week, the events, Greek life - is really all about. If you follow us on Twitter, you would have seen that Greek Council recently had an awesome speaker from Phired Up come talk to us about recruitment and a certain quote really stuck with us:
"People don't join organizations. 
People join people."
We are a community comprised of some of the best people on this campus simply because we have people who care about other people. It's about the connections. It's about the brotherhoods and sisterhoods. It's about finding someone whose values align with your own. It's about finding a group of people who you can count upon no matter what, for the rest of your life. This is Greek Life. 

Hopefully this sounds like the type of community you wish to be a part of. We'd love to have you. And if you ever have any questions about Greek Life here at IIT, please feel free to email vp.recruitment@iitgreek.com with whatever is on your mind.
Have fun and Go Greek,
Sabrina DeGenova
Public Relations Chair
<![CDATA[Kicking Off Recruitment Week!]]>Wed, 19 Aug 2015 21:43:22 GMThttp://iitgreekcouncil.weebly.com/blog/kicking-off-recruitment-week


Come join the members of Greek Council and get some free food on the MTCC South Lawn at 7PM. We'll be hanging out and having a good time welcoming students back to campus. 
While you're at it, go across to Farr Field and check out Union Board's Found Footage Festival. 


Join us in kicking off Recruitment Week for our annual Taste of the Quad this Saturday, August 22 at 6PM. Each house will have different types of food so be sure to check out every one and meet their members. This event will also have some fun games, videos, and a whole lot more so make sure you don't miss it, after all, it's only once a year!

What is Recruitment Week?

Recruitment Week is one of the most exciting times on campus at IIT. Each chapter hosts fun events throughout the whole week meaning there's plenty of events to choose from. At these events, you get to meet all of the members who make our community so special (plus there's plenty of free food along the way). Below are some commonly asked questions about Greek Life.

How will I benefit?
You will have a community full of resources and friends that will last long past your days at IIT.

Who can join Greek life? 
Anyone! All chapters are open to undergraduates regardless of year in school. Most chapters also accept Shimer College and Vandercook students. Some chapters also welcome graduate students.

How do you join?
The first week of each Fall and Spring semester is Recruitment Week. During these weeks, chapters host daily activities open to everyone. Students are encouraged to visit all chapters to see where they might fit best. Chapters also host recruitment events throughout each semester.

How much does it cost? 
Membership costs vary per chapter. Please feel free to ask.

Does it take up a lot of time?
Depends on how involved you get! It’s all up to what you want. 

Visit each chapter's Facebook Page to find their 
Recruitment Schedule of Events

Sabrina DeGenova
Public Relations Chair
<![CDATA[Help-A-Hawk]]>Mon, 20 Jul 2015 23:11:37 GMThttp://iitgreekcouncil.weebly.com/blog/help-a-hawkWith the fall semester rapidly approaching, it's time to start thinking about move in day. Lucky for the IIT community we have Help-A-Hawk to make the task of moving a little easier. Even luckier for you, you can sign up to become a Help-A-Hawk today! The typical duties of a Help-A-Hawk team member include but are not limited to: directing traffic to designated unloading areas and parking lots, physically lifting and moving personal items, collecting and relocating moving carts to the community desk, watching students personal items in transition to their respective residence hall. Plus, you get to keep a really nice t-shirt as a thanks for volunteering. Volunteers can either pick from August 14, August 19, or even work both days if they'd like. 

You can view the form through Hawklink here: https://iit.collegiatelink.net/form/start/72261
If you have any problems with the form or just have more questions about Help-A-Hawk, contact Koryna Bucholz at kbucholz@iit.edu

So take a chance to reach out to some new members of our campus, make some new friends, and show the rest of the IIT community that Greeks are always here to help. Only 24 more days until the first official move in and the start of Welcome Week!
Sabrina DeGenova
Public Relations Chair
<![CDATA[Congratulations Grads!]]>Wed, 27 May 2015 00:42:42 GMThttp://iitgreekcouncil.weebly.com/blog/congratulations-gradsAs summer starts and we close out another wonderful school year, we wish the best to our members who have just graduated. We can't wait to see all of the wonderful things they will accomplish as graduates, and hope they know they are always welcome back at any time! Below are all the graduating members as provided by the presidents of their respective chapters. 

Congratulations to:

Afiq Annuar, πKΦ - Mechanical Engineering
Aleksander Korczakowski, ΔTΔ - Physics
Alka Prasad, AΣA - Biomedical Engineering
Andrew Arvans, πKΦ - Civil Engineering
Anjelica Fiol, AΣA - Biology
Audel Gutierrez, ΩΔ - Mechanical Engineering
Bernadette Bajzek, AΣA - Psychology
Breanne Stromberg, KΦΔ - Civil Engineering Undergraduate Degree and Structural Engineering Masters
Brian Raddatz, ΦKΣ - Aerospace Engineering
Charles Kozel, ΦKΣ - Computer Science
Chris Senicka, πKΦ - Eng. Management
Christopher Dyck, Triangle - B. of Architecture
Colin McQuone, ΦKΣ - Chemical Engineering
Courtney Rouse, KΦΔ - Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Fallon, ΦKΣ - Computer Science
Daniel Vanek, ΔTΔ - BS Civil, MS Environmental
David Contreras, ΩΔ - Mechanical Engineering
Dino Okić, AΣΦ
Eddie Ho, ΦKΣ - Psychology and Political Science
Elise Kuchenbecker, AΣA - Music Education
Erick Perez, ΩΔ - Architectural Engineering
Erik Escobar, ΩΔ - ITM
George Kim, ΦKΣ - Mechanical/Materials Engineering
Ginta Sutkus, KΦΔ - Architecture
Gustavo Brizuela, ΩΔ - ITM
Hans Griese, Triangle - B. of Architecture; minor in Structural Engineering
Hector Lua, πKΦ - Mechanical Engineering
Hector Rios, ΩΔ - Biochemistry
Ian Thomas, AΣΦ
Jaya Parulekar, KΦΔ - Chemical Engineeing
Jihad Zeid, ΦKΣ - Chemical Engineering
Jonathan Loucks, ΔTΔ - Humanities
Kasey Klynstra, ΦKΣ - Electrical Engineering
Katie Peters, AΣA - Professional and Technical Communications
Kaustav Neogi, ΔTΔ - Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Brandstatter, Triangle - M.S. of Computer Science; B.S. in Computer Science
Kevin Roemer, ΔTΔ - ITM
Kevin Santos, ΩΔ - Architectural Engineering
Kiernan Sanders, AΣΦ
Liang Hou, KΦΔ - Biochemistry
Liz Zielinski, KΦΔ - Mechanical Engineering
Lola Mindiola, KΦΔ - Computer Science
Lorenzo Perez, ΩΔ - Masters in Construction engineering and Management
Maggie Dyslin, AΣA - Chemical Engineering
Manuel Gonzalez, ΩΔ -  Mechanical Engineering
Meagan Lenoir, KΦΔ - Computer Science
Medha Parulekar, KΦΔ- Biomedical Engineering
Michael Johannsen, ΩΔ - Engineering Management
Nathaniel Hurst, AΣΦ
Nicholas Taluzek, ΔTΔ - Aerospace Engineering
Nicole Wujcik, KΦΔ - Architectural Engineering
Noah morkunas, πKΦ - Civil Engineering
Now Garcia Mendoza, πKΦ - Architecture
Ottmar Flores, ΩΔ - Electrical Engineering
Pablo Portilla, ΩΔ - ITM
Patrick Schlomas, ΦKΣ - Finance
Peter Chinetti, ΦKΣ - Computer Engineering
Peter Zurowski, ΦKΣ - Chemical Engineering
Rachael Youngworth, ZπΩ - B.S. in Chemistry and a B.S. in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics
Ramzi Riadi, Triangle - B.S. in Engineering Management; focus in Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Cummings, Triangle - B.S. in Civil Engineering
Ryan Kamphuis, Triangle - B.S. in Physics Education
Stephen Pepper, Triangle - B.S. in Business Administration
Tim Maculewicz, AΣΦ
Tracy Pfeffer, AΣA - Biomedical Engineering
Van Anh Nguyen, AΣA - Chemical Engineering
Vanessa Antar, KΦΔ - Mechanical Engineering
Victor Medina, ΩΔ - Mechanical Engineering
Yunhui Kim, AΣA - Business

Even after college, we're always wearing our letters and we couldn't be more proud to have these wonderful members forever representing us.
Good luck!
Sabrina DeGenova
Public Relations Chair
<![CDATA[New Year, New Blog]]>Wed, 06 May 2015 18:15:51 GMThttp://iitgreekcouncil.weebly.com/blog/new-year-new-blogWelcome to IIT Greek Council's new website! This has been a long time coming and we're proud to present an updated and more accessible blog for your viewing pleasure. We plan on updating this blog regularly with different events and articles relevant to all those in our Greek community and to those interested in who we are and what we do (expect a post coming soon about our graduating members!).

We'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you to go follow our Twitter @IITGreekCouncil for fast and quick updates, much shorter than our blog posts. And while you're at it, why not like us on Facebook on the page IIT Greek Council? 

We're half way through finals week, so to those of you who are done, CONGRATULATIONS, and to those who are still taking exams, writing papers, and giving presentations, it's just 2 more days! You can do this!
Sabrina DeGenova
Public Relations Chair